This week in embedded finance


  • I am amazed at the amount of financial services innovation (factoring, fuel cards, etc) in the trucking industry. In almost every other respect, this industry has resisted technology, and the efficiency gains it can provide. Axle is focused on helping brokers solve cash flow problems (financial tools have been available for trucking companies, but few solutions are available for freight brokers or freight forwarders.) The problem is expedited now that the pandemic has rattled supply chains worldwide. They just announced a $27.7 million funding round led by Anthemis and Techstars.

  • The marketing site for Productfy is a bit light on details, but it appears to be a modern, widget- and API-based platform for several financial solutions (KYC, card issuing, rewards points management.)

  • In a recent hotel sector study, Oracle observed that “hoteliers are heavily invested in loyalty programs,” but found “guests [are] far less engaged in the programs than hoteliers realize. Some 61 percent of business respondents believe guests will sign up to every loyalty program on offer, where in reality only 24 percent of guests do, with a third rarely signing up to any loyalty program at all, a figure that hotels guessed to be just 6 percent.”

  • The Curve card looks pretty neat. One of the first “super cards”, it acts as a facade to all of your various credit and debit cards. After purchase, you can decide which underlying card receives the transaction, thus maximizing cashback and points programs.