This week in embedded finance


Hey everyone, sorry I missed last week! I was unexpectedly out of the office and barely opened a computer. But I am back in the saddle this week.

  • First up, a great intro to embedded finance from Forbes, with a few new-to-me startups, like Salty, and the acronym HENRY (High Earning, Not Rich Yet). Ha!

  • TechCrunch Extra Crunch (paywall) has long read on embedded finance. Worth checking out if you have a subscription.

  • Some additional details on Quickbooks Cash, including a cash planner that gives SMBs a view of their liquidity over 30, 60, and 90 day periods. Using machine learning and historical data, Cash users can plan out different scenarios based on their cash positions. Also worth noting that the former head of financial products at Uber is running Quickbooks Cash.